Monday, February 10, 2014

An Interview w/ Traffic Engineer Ian Lockwood

Extinguish those torches.  He's one of the good ones.  In fact, I interned at the company Ian has worked at for a long time working for him on a few projects a decade ago.  Coming from a design background, it was a great experience working with and learning from traffic engineers who were way ahead of the curve in terms of understanding the role of transportation has upon land use and street/network design as a subset to a larger whole, which is community and city building.

I called him up last week to discuss highway tear-outs, which has become one of his specialties, having spent a year as a prestigious Loeb Fellow at the Harvard School of Design.  Here's an interview with him discussing highways, cities, and the McGrath Highway in the Boston area:

Traffic Engineering, & Highway Removal- Ian Lockwood from Mark Chase on Vimeo.