Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Open Letter Series

To me!  I thought this was very kind.

Dear Patrick,
I never officially thanked you for your quote in my Oak Cliff Trolley article for Dallas CultureMap. Your input really helped guide my piece, thank you.
My new personal project is to write a letter a day to a different person of interest. Today’s letter (email really) is for you.
I know that your current hot-button issue is what to do with the expiring Highway 345. My guess is that most people don’t even know what/where 345 is and assume it is either the end of Central or the beginning of I-45 (I know I did). I’ve shared ANewDallas with all kinds of people and am totally on-board, even though it will add a few minutes to my drive to Galveston. But that is exactly your point. Highways were intended for travel between two distant places, not intra-city transportation. They divide and marginalize people. I think my neighborhood Hamilton Park is a decent example, which is in the shadow of the Hi-5 and bordered by both Central Expressway and 635 LBJ. The area is steps away from some of the most affluent neighborhoods in Dallas but battles blight and isolation.
Can’t we just tear the damn thing down and see if it works? That is probably way too rational a solution (and not enough money in it for the city contractors) for Dallas to actually try it. If it is complete chaos, it seems they can always find a few billion dollars to build a new highway.
I have 350+ letters to write this year so rest assured that I will write Mayor Rawlings and various City Council persons about this project. I guess my real question is how can I/we build awareness and make something happen with this campaign? When will decisions be made?
Thanks for your time.