Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mark Gorton Droppin' Knowledge

Some tweets coming out of an Active Transportation conference in Oregon so I don't lose them.  (Yes, this blog is my filing cabinet. Why do you ask?)
Houston: 95% of trips by motor vehicle; 14% of metro GDP spent on transpo. Copenhagen: 54%/4%. Let's save GDP!  
Portland's net benefits from bike investments since 1991: 8.3:1 ROI. Would you invest in that return rate?
US=wealthy society but if we waste enough getting 20-30 cents on the $ in autocentric transpo, we will bankrupt ourselves. -Mark Gorton
Powerful segments of society love large infrastructure projects. Use that: Call for separated bike/walk infrastructure. -Gorton  
"Traffic is a form of pollution. We need to recognize it as such.... Explicitly seek to reduce it." -Mark Gorton/
He's summing it up pretty neatly.
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