Thursday, March 14, 2013

Two Public Meeting Announcements

If you haven't already seen them, there are a couple important public meetings coming up in regards to the content of this here blog.

The first is next Monday's Council District 14 Candidate Forum at the Wyly Theatre.  Does the King's english spelling really fit a hyper modern facility?  No?  Well, then it fits aristocracy.  Anyway, council district 14 is important for a few reasons.  One, I live there.  Two, much of the IH-345 tear-out project resides in this district.

Next, TxDOT, imbued by federal funding in pursuit of high-speed rail initiatives is exploring passenger rail improvements between Oklahoma City and San Antonio, points beyond and points between.  And it's looking for public comment.  The Dallas meeting is April 3rd.  My input would be to minimize stops between the major destinations.  Split the runs between express and local stops.  The express run right through the stops.  Just hit the major centers, OKC, Dallas or Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio.  European trains do this all the time.  It's demand oriented and it's the only way to allow passenger rail to compete short distance air travel.