Friday, March 15, 2013

High Cost of Car Ownership

To rid the disease, you have to excise the source:

Graphic from ThisBigCity.

Of course, increased car ownership is not the source.  It is the symptom.  A by-product of a lack of real choice, which is the real disease, rampant and reckless public spending that builds barriers rather than empowering.

Not coincidentally, I received an email from a total stranger late the other night.  This person was staying at the Hyatt.  You know, the hotel with the little golf ball on a tee out front.  She was desperate to be able to walk somewhere.  Where she wanted to go was less than a mile away from her.  She reported that the hotel staff laughed at her inquiry, which led her to me.  I could do little more than advise against it and have concierge call a cab.  These are the things that happen when your city isn't built to facilitate social and economic exchange, the fundamental purpose and long-term raison d'etre of any city.  Lacking this, the life spans of city's veering from this path will be as short as the short-term goals of their chosen 'prime directive' in the operating system of their city's software.

In other words, moving cars at the expense of all other considerations is a poison pill.