Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Planners Planning to Whisper Sweet Nothings

So I was at the IH-345 soiree where I was able to hobnob with bigwigs like Wilonsky.  I was hoping/expecting it to be more like the Trinity Toll Road public hearing, though far less contentious.  The whole highway through a park thing tends to rile people/politicians up a bit more than the rebuild of an existing highway (even though the potential economic impacts are much greater with 345...but I'll get to that).

At the Trinity hearing, the engineers
bored everyone into tears/submission gave a presentation after which point they then opened the microphone up for public comment.  Two minutes each.  Instead, tonight there were nine options suggested for further study with little to no real information on any of them other than none were a complete tear-out and restoration of the historic grid (or something like it -- as the DART tracks and other various considerations make a perfect restoration impossible -- not saying a perfect restoration would be desirable).  There was no presentation nor open mic, just a scrolling powerpoint and a phalanx of uncomfortable engineers standing about, outnumbering the concerned citizens present.  I'd guess nearly 2 to 1.

Alas, I'll leave this with one little tidbit of a study I hope to expand with time.  The City of Dallas has 40.3 times the amount of highway lane miles per capita than does London.