Thursday, August 23, 2012

Parking in Dallas, TX USA

I had a late lunch yesterday.  I ended up writing yesterday's blog post during the period of time I should have been eating.  So around five PM I found myself in a bar/restaurant, sitting in a storefront window, observing the comings and goings of the street beyond, tweeting:

A cop in a cruiser just backed up at red light for better view of cleavage. "one true dictatorship in America" 

But more specifically, the on-street parallel parking space immediately to the other side of the pane of glass:

Dominos delivery man, parks beater outside. Sleeping bag in back seat. Puts change in the meter that's now free.

I'd guess he was in his 50's and life hadn't been kind too him for some time.  He may even have been much older.  The poor guy certainly seemed to be living out of his early 90's oldsmobile, paint rusting away.  His shaking and withered, apparently sun or wind burned hands struggled to put the change in the meter, which had been free for 15 minutes, and presumably Domino's wasn't covering it.  And then...

Woman parks pristine range rover. Guy greets as she opens back door. Puts on makeup for 25 mins. Checks self in tinted windows 1 last time

I could or should add what I couldn't fit in 140 characters, how helpless the guy looked as he waited. Then she brushed her hair for another 5 minutes.  I couldn't tell a difference in the before and after.   I sensed an entire story of Dallas and maybe even the US could be told observing little more than a parking spot for a day.  And that was only in a 30 minute span.  I wonder what an entire day might've revealed about the human condition of 2012.

Or maybe I should write a book or new blog entitled, "The Wire Explains the World."  For as one of the writers of the Wire once said, though not a direct quote, "God is no second rate novelist."  To which I prefer, "real life is no second rate novelist."