Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Why Isn't This Pine Tree an Oak Tree?

...and other philosphical dissertations.

In the DMN's long running, schizophrenic series on how to say nothing and comprehend less on sprawl, transportation, and the inextricable connection between the two, today we get a post about our helplessness and dependency upon freeways.  That should be the first clue right there.  Dependence.  It's never a good thing.

The other thing we have to understand when it relates to transportation, is that the real estate market is specifically adapted and responsive to the transportation network created.  It's an outgrowth.  Change the transportation network, you get a different physical form.  Genotype, phenotype.

Build a transportation network centered on freeways, you get a spread out, low density real estate market with a columnist living 24-miles from work, realizing there just might be something interesting off the freeway, but damn if it isn't inconvenient.  Duh.

For our next trick, we're going to put a polar bear on the streets of downtown Dallas.  I bet it will find something interesting to feed upon in the dumpsters, but damn if it's fur isn't inconvenient for all this heat.

Indeed, we don't magically become less dependent upon freeways overnight.  As long as we have them.