Thursday, June 7, 2012

Twitter = Urbanism

Vanity Fair has an article on its creator, dare I say kindred spirit, who too was fascinated by maps since birth.  I've written extensively about how the internet and the city should be understood as one.  And how they're two formerly parallel geographies are becoming increasingly interconnected via programs such as twitter, foursquare, et al.

Today, I use twitter as a dialogue with the outside world, with like-minded (and occasionally opposite-) people.  It's also my newspaper.  I'm interested in stories, cities, topics, and writers, here and abroad.  Twitter provides direct, customizable, choose-your-own-level-of-involvement access.  The critical component is about self-organizing systems and connections.  The web and its infrastructure as with the city and its infrastructure is about facilitating social, economic, and informational exchange.  Scoff at twitter and you reveal your ignorance of its power and the relationship with urban dynamics.