Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cleveland Students' Make a Pop-Up Complete Street

Jason Roberts just forwarded this video over to me of Kent State students setting up a Better Block-style complete street:

A number of great nuggets from the interview, particularly about temporary testing of incrementalized solutions to allow immediate user response feedback loops which then further drive design, an idea fundamental to contemporary design and the Better Block concept in particular.

My favorite though comes from the Homeland Security officer talking about comfortable places via slower traffic making for more comfort therefore more people therefore more safety.

I also really like their solution to the buffering of the Copenhagen style cycle track.  I've rented bikes in Vancouver and ridden all around the city including on their buffered cycle tracks.  One thing that always bothered me, though it looked nice, was the continuity of the planter buffer.  There were few breaks.  You have a wall on one side and a curb on the other.

Rather than planters running the entire length and in effect creating yet another barrier, they spread the planters out and added strips of artificial turf along the ground between the planters.  The artificial turf still provides a visual clue dividing the lanes, but allows a greater degree of flexibility than the cattle chute style cycle track.