Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Moving: My Money Where My Mouth Is

We overrate views.  We do.  I've said it before.  And I was rightly called out for it, because my current abode overlooks half of the city.  Not for too much longer.  I also often tweet pics from various high places.  Just like staring at google earth for hours at a time, I can watch over the city.  But it gets old.  The novelty expires.  It never really changes.  The same patterns.  The same traffic.  The same buildings.  The same lights on in those half-empty towers.  I can't zip to another place like I can in Google Earth.  It's the same.  Every day.  

It's hard to make out too much from these iphone panoramas, but these are the views I'll be giving up.  They extend nearly 180 degrees from the American Airlines Center to the Northwest around to the Joule Hotel and cantilevered rooftop pool to the South. On clear days, you can even see Cowboys Stadium 20 miles away.  The new bridge is there as well, though likely the reason why I'm none-too-impressed with it, as my view accentuates how out of scale it is with its context.  These are the views I value less than, and will quickly trade in for, a quick flight of stairs than a long elevator ride with countless intermittent stops and an even longer wait for it in the first place.

Living up high is overrated.  I prefer the variety of street life.  Being connected to it, not disconnected and floating well up above it.  I've always been fond of the characterization pics you see from New York or Montreal, where somebody is sitting on a window ledge smoking.  You don't do that up too high, but when you're low enough to still have a connection with the street and people below (with a lessened chance of splattering).

I have several reasons for moving, but the one relevant to this blog is that for the first time I'll be living on Main Street.  In the center of the action in downtown.  We looked at several places in Deep Ellum, though very few were available.  Places are getting snatched up in both downtown and Deep Ellum sight unseen.  I'm not that adventurous.  We love Deep Ellum.  LOVE. IT.  And not the nostalgic Deep Ellum, but its current iteration.  There are some great new bars and restaurants, as well as a pretty rad, alternative vibe that I may not seemingly fit in superficially.  But I prefer it to uptown any day of the week and twice on Sunday.  Though, I like working in uptown due to the pedestrian activity and plethora of lunch options.  Unfortunately, none of the available units were quite up to our standard (I'm a bit prissy).  Nor was I quite ready to bail on downtown.

Luckily, we found an amazing unit.  Right on Main Street.  And when I say on it.  I mean ON. IT.  Second floor if your throwing rocks.  Expect return fire, if you do.  I will no longer have vast views across the city that I long since abandoned for black out curtains to keep the ever glowing city lights from penetrating at night.  Instead, I'll be trading it in for ever changing action with Pegasus Plaza, the heart of downtown immediately out the window.

Views.  Such an easy real estate sell.  Too easy.  And hence, overrated.  Street life?  More nebulous, but more real.  Difficult to replicate and therefore, underrated.  We need more street life.