Friday, May 25, 2012

Dallas Locals vs Tourist Photos Mapped

I took Eric Fischer's map of geotagged/uploaded flickr photos where he color coded them by locals (blue), tourists (red), unknowns (yellow), and their routes between photos, and overlaid them upon an aerial.  His map is of the citywide scale, so I zoomed in at high-res to get something more legible.  Interestingly, the most photographed places for locals is Main Street core and Fair Park with Deep Ellum and SMU as secondary tiers.  You can also identify the various pockets of activity zones along Greenville Avenue (Low, Lower, and Lowest?).

As for tourists, the heaviest concentrations are, predictably Kennedy Assassination site, Ross Avenue (less predictably), with the American Airlines Center, the Aquarium, the Hyatt, the Nasher, and Thanksgiving Square lesser so.