Monday, April 23, 2012

Scouring the Archives

I brought these out and dusted them off for somebody looking for debunkings of Joel Kotkin's work. These are from my week as a guest blogger for the Dallas Morning News Summer Book Club one year, so I thought they might be worth a re-post for new readers:

Battery Operated Growth, Without the Battery - on cheap energy and finite resources

A tale of two Valencias - Kotkin projecting his world view rather than availing choice for all (in terms of housing and transpo)

The co-opted american dream and the rise of guerrilla urbanism - sprawl is not market driven as Kotkin would have you believe. Not choice but lack of choice.

Decentralized Relocalization - how the internet will bring us together rather than spread us further apart.

On Bionomics

The City of Millennials - For a demographer, he certainly doesn't know Millennials very well: