Monday, April 30, 2012

IH-345 Tear Out Presentation

It is here.  I can't embed yet, because I'm not a "pro" with slideboom.  If anybody has a good presentation site, lemme know.  Some of the text appeared to jump around into weird spots on some of the slides, so if anything looks weird its a language translation issue.  I swear.

It ended up being about 100 slides. I only presented the second half the other night to the CNU happy hour because I didn't want to keep everybody forever.  By putting the entirety of it here only those interested enough in the whole thing can peruse at their leisure. The forthcoming report tracks with this second half, which jumps straight into the immediate issues at hand, providing more depth, data, and sourcing.

The first 50 slides or so are heavy on background and foundational theory in order to build the case for highway tear-outs and why adding new capacity (and most of our urban policies) don't meet the needs of communities.  And further, often bankrupt the public coffers with little in return.