Friday, April 13, 2012

Gil Penalosa in Dallas

Talks of the need for a network, ahem, and that cycling (and by proxy, equitable transportation) is a human rights issue. Let me scour the ol' memory banks...oh yeah, here it is, exactly what I wrote for D Magazine in September '11 issue. Fast forward to the 15:00 mark for Gil's presentation.

City of Dallas needs tax base. That means people. Residents. To move back to the city. To get people back into the city of Dallas, we need an infrastructure of that favors proximity. Revitalization through desirability. As long as the concept of "city" or "urban" is not advantageous, people will not choose proximity as an amenity. Though, millennials want it. They badly want it. They'll move to get it. Sing it:

This means disciplining the car. And that means taking the car's toys away from it. And by that I mean removing capacity and restoring grid-like networks. Or else. Repercussions don't reverberate as self-evident manifestations through cities for generations. So, ixnay on the regionalism and let's focus on localism + globalism, mmkay? Though I hear Detroit is lovely this time of year.