Friday, March 23, 2012

Your Friday Quote for the Day

Jane Jacobs:

"[T]he New Urbanists want to have lively centers in the places that they develop, where people run into each other doing errands and that sort of thing. And yet, from what I've seen of their plans and the places they have built, they don't seem to have a sense of the anatomy of these hearts, these centers. They've placed them as if they were shopping centers. They don't connect."

I'm a new urbanist. I'm an old urbanist. I'm an urbanist. I agree 100% with her. She's right. And not only because I agree with her. But she's echoing everything I've been saying recently, and I've been echoing her. She's often credited with inspiring the emergence of systems theory, complexity studies, and, ahem, emergence. Those mathematicians, et al., are now coming back, returning from their divergent path from urbanism, bringing the evolved theory along with them. Coming full circle and re-applying their principles to the city, the ultimate complex, living system of self-organization.

Or as TxDOT might put it, "something to bulldoze."