Thursday, March 22, 2012


Lot on the brain this morning. A morning which I awoke to seeing this rendering of some sociopath's personal utopia:

Hey hey. Check out the people. Oh, did I say people? I meant apparitions. This is the epitome of landscape urbanism. IT HAS TALL NATIVE GRASSES. You didn't hear me. TALL NATIVE GRASSES. And funny angles on buildings intersecting with 2-dimensional alluvial patterns in a 3-dimensional MC Escher of bridges and planes for entirely arbitrary reasons. I guess to prove they can. Nevermind that actual people would feel like they're being watched as if ants being watched and poked and prodded by some giant god in a lab coat.

It hasn't a clue about actual urbanism, or the function of cities, or people. Such is why their designs work best without people. At least the birds have taken over. It's almost as if their bible, because they are true ideologues, is this book. Basically, all of human need is sacrificed for water filtration. I'd too say habitat, but by mixing residential towers in the park, they're fouling that up as well.

Is that so different? Yes, actually it is. Because the buildings are old. And old is bad. So I decided to make my own rendering of landscape urbanism:

Landscape Urbanism: The Magical Rescue.

Sorry, I don't believe in magic.