Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dallas vs. Copenhagen, DING!

Hmm...perhaps not a fair fight. But based on this brief article about the five cities most dedicated and perhaps most successful in their shift towards a green urbanism, I found a few relevant numbers on Copenhagen:

First, Copenhagen has 1.2 million people.
Dallas has 1.2 million people.

About 40% of Copenhagen's residents commute by bike each day.
Less than 1% of Dallas commuters hop on a bike (BECAUSE IT RAINED TODAY STUPID)

Bikes cost, what? A hundred bucks to own and operate for a year?
Cars cost about $7,000 per year to own and operate

Copenhagen has goals.
Definable, measurable goals.

Some of these include:
0, zero, nada traffic related fatalities for an entire year.
as well...
they would like to get 50% of commuters onto 2-wheels instead of 4.

Copenhagen has 217 dedicated bike lanes. Copenhagen thinks they can get to their goal of 50% bike ridership by adding 43 more miles of dedicated bike lanes.
Dallas has 0 (But we have a plan for 800! We'll show you stupid Copenhagen. Perhaps quality is better than quantity, mayhaps?)

Oh, and Copenhagen is also home to some of the highest per capita incomes, access to healthcare, education, some of the self-reportedly happiest people in the world, and some of the best educated. But dipping into those factors is fighting dirty (and possibly interrelated).