Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Testing 1, 2, 3...

Was going thru some old files I had, let's see if they post ok if I just drag and drop from my old website's "back-of-house" cache:

This was the plan I did for the Dallas Convention Center Hotel from a previous life. Here is what I've also written about it, aqui y aqui.

It was intended to be part of a larger plan, to stimulate increased investment in an otherwise lifeless part of downtown. As you can find in the links, I suggested using only 5 of the 8 acres of the proposed site that the actual hotel now stands on for the hotel, allowing a total of 3 blocks to be created out of the site. This would then allow for some life between buildings. Ya know, why people actually go to conventions that aren't in the cartoonish hell-holes of Vegas and Orlando. But we're not exactly very good at understanding nor implementing the jumpstarting of place. Far too easy just to throw a bunch of money at dumb objects and hope they come to life. All the cheerleading just makes Pinocchio's nose grow.