Tuesday, October 25, 2011

NCTCOG 2035 Plan

Since I just pulled these numbers for something else, might as well post them here as well. From COG's 2035 Transportation Plan, which projects to spend a total of $101 billion on various transportation projects, much of which I suspect won't happen, but here are their projections anyway:

DFW, NCTCOG's 2035 Plan:

Road Maintenance: 10,193M
Freeways/Tollways: 35,078M
HOV/Managed Facilities: 1,647M
Arterial System: 5,057M
Other Arterials: 4,391M
Congestion Mgmt:3,335M
Air Quality/Enviro: 3,231M
Bike/Ped: 1,495M
Sustainable Dvlpmnt/Transpo: 653M
Transit O&M: 17,135M
Rail System Expansion: 17,391M
Bus: 1,486M
Paratransit: 24.4M