Monday, October 24, 2011

Dallas Pedicabs

So apparently, I've been so disconnected via preoccupation with other endeavors that I missed the announcement of the Dallas Pedicab company. So imagine my surprise when looking for a cab on Saturday night in uptown Dallas and along comes a pedaling pedicab, free of passengers. I quickly hailed it down and proudly proclaimed to the driver, "mush!" On the brilliant spring and fall evenings of Texas, it is great to remain outdoors, connected to the wind whipping you in the face. It helps to have a few drinks in you to block out the on-rushing traffic on roads not suitable for safe bicycling.

I've always loved riding in pedicabs in whenever visiting Austin. In fact, I try to ONLY ride in pedicabs when in Austin, unless the distance is a bridge too far. I'm not exactly sure why. Perhaps it is our generation's preoccupation with bicycles/bicycling, as its own form of nostalgic escapism and adopted independence through the mobility the bicycle allowed within a car-dependent childhood. I don't even know how the pricing schedule ranks in comparison to actual cabbies. Certainly, the startup and operating overhead is much lower than driving and maintaining a car.

On our trip this weekend, I didn't even get a price tag for the trip. He simply said, "whatever you feel like paying me." Is it simply because they're trying to grow the business at this point? I don't know. I do know that he said they can't cross the highway from uptown to downtown, another bridge too far, and an impossibly perfect synopsis of the disconnection posed by inter-city freeways. It's amazing how much more mobile cities without freeways are than cities with. But you won't hear that from traffic engineers, the road lobby, or TTI.

So I asked the dude to cross the highway nonetheless. When asked to donate for his troubles, I offered a twenty, for about five minutes of work. Call it a silent protest against the barrier of the highways.

Here is the link to Dallas Pedicab's site with their contact information for rides when need be.