Monday, August 1, 2011

If It Was Never Really Alive Can Something Ever Be Dead?

This is what we think of as a smart and interesting project?


A child with legos. This literally might be the stupidest thing I've ever laid eyes on since...well ever. I can't even come up with a suitable corollary. In that way, it is truly transcendent. And let's not forget to double down on the idiocy by placing the rendering in a floating post-apocalyptic nuclear fallout dreamscape. Because that truly would be the perfect setting for the next project of a nihilist like Prince-Ramus. Nothing else to get in the way of his next experiment in building blocks. None of that messy urbanism cluttering perfection.

Fortunately, it is dead. Dead like every other extreme project left to define the decade that was of irrational exuberance where projects like this attempted to double the square footage of an entire downtown in one foray into silliness. In the linked article above it mentions the $250 million in subsidy the developers were seeking. The entire project cost $490 million. When that kind of subsidy is necessary, perhaps there is something amiss in the demand fundamentals. Such as putting this monstrosity in Louisville, KY. Or maybe even simpler, with a diagram derived from the utterly inspired:

"It's a city right. And then you stack another city on top of it. And then you arbitrarily cock one of the building legs. Exalt in my genius."

You also might not need that level of subsidy without the architectural gymnastics to construct the absurd nor the design fees that go with it. So off to the waste bin of history with it. Perhaps best served as a lesson in what not to do from all perspectives.