Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Guest Post - The Pent Up Demand of Walkable Neighborhoods

In my absence, please find this guest post by Jay Cooper
Global Pedestrian Trend, Is Dallas In?

The Dallas/Ft. Worth area is an amazing place filled with sports, culture, and fabulous shopping. Imagine, though, how fantastic the area would be if the city and the suburbs took a page from some of our sisters in the northeast, like Boston, or even our sister to the south, San Antonio, and began to make a more pedestrian friendly community.

By becoming a more pedestrian friendly community, we are encouraging the growth of small businesses and the growth of small communities. Wal-Mart has even taken note from some of our sister cities and began to replace Supersized Superstores with small community markets. If we follow their examples, we will better our economic structures and better our own lives.

Pedestrians are Healthy and Wise

Walking is one of the cheapest and easiest forms of exercise. Although some may turn up their noses to its lack of “extreme-ness”, walking burns calories, raises the heart rate, and moves a person from point A to point B.

Walking doesn’t require any special equipment. However, it helps if the community at large has places or systems in place that encourage walking. Walking paths and trails are great for getting away or seeing natural landscapes from new points of view. Continuous sidewalks and bridges with walking lanes encourage people of all ages to travel along traffic ridden routes. This is the greatest challenge to the walking community, lack of proper sidewalks or walking lanes.

Suburban Pedestrian Friendly Communities

There are some communities in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area that are beginning to see the need for pedestrian friendly communities and neighborhoods. They are widening their sidewalks or putting in new, continuous ones.

• Watters Creek in Allen, TX, was nominated as one of Allen’s most pedestrian friendly communities. It has convenient shopping, dining, offices, and living within a short distance. It also has made it very easy to navigate. It offers a grassy area and even a little creek for spontaneous picnics or games.

• Legacy in Plano, TX, is another community of refinement. The well planned community took a while to be built, but it was completely designed and finished with the pedestrian lifestyle in mind. It has everything a pedestrian could want, including dining, business, and shopping all within a feasible walking distance from one’s home. It also features a large park for outdoor recreation.

• Addison Circle in Addison, TX is one of the residences that follow Addison’s vision of a place to "live, work, play and stay". This town center is a pedestrian friendly, compact neighborhood complete with restaurants, businesses, entertainment, and mixed housing. The suburban downtown area has everything within a very walkable distance, especially on if you travel on its wonderful sidewalks.

• Hebron 121 Station in Lewisville, TX is on the DCTA rail line. This is its greatest asset and earns the nomination as a pedestrian friendly community. Along with fine dining and shopping, the community also boasts commuter access by bus or rail to the downtown Dallas area without having to travel out of the way to get to the station. Lewisville offers a small town feel with big town class and amenities.

• 5th St Crossing DT Garland is a community in another Dallas/Ft. Worth suburb that redesigned itself to become more pedestrian friendly and mass transit oriented. By rezoning and repurposing its older buildings, Garland, TX, was able to create a mixed use residential area with all the amenities of city life within walking distance. There is a theatre, restaurants, fine arts centre, and a community college within walking distance, as well as the transit line to Dallas.

• Frisco, TX, is approx. 45 minutes from the Love Field airport. It features a lot of night life particularly for young professionals. It has the businesses and dining of the big city within a reasonable walking distance as well as the world’ largest soccer complex, Pizza Hut Park.

Become a part of the global trend for pedestrian friendly communities. Visit one of these suburbs, and find out for yourself what the true pedestrian community lifestyle is like.

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