Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Torrent in 5 Pics

All the brand new development, delivered all too quickly for the market to absorb. But on the other hand it has a permanence that our sprawl lacks even though it is a touch more auto-oriented than the core of Torrent. Everything is just a touch more spread out and overscaled.

The desperate and the lonely. This is one new development complex with three individual towers at various degrees of completeness arising out of one base. The half built tower is currently mothballed and no work is being done on it. The signage (of which I believe I have a closeup somewhere) is as sad as one might expect in its promise.

Up the main street in Torrent (Avenguda Torrent) where a real live Transect can be experienced within a one-mile gradient finds us at the transition point from town to village. These may very well have been single family, but I believe them to be duplexes or four-plexes. Completely different subjectives (as in aesthetics) but also completely congruent objectives, in the way the buildings operate within its context.

The central spine of the main avenue. This fills with locals when not in siesta.

The arrival at the train station. Astonishingly, it was built to go subterranean when arriving in Torrent. The arrival point gives you a sense of the new and old in one.