Thursday, June 9, 2011

Apple, Inc.: All Style, No Substance least when it comes to their new campus, to replace their old campus. It actually looks like a whizbang, snazzy techno version of the old one. Just change the geometry.

"The best office building in the world" according to Steve Jobs. This is the classic case of trying to perfect one specific aspect of one particular component of a city, at the expense of all the competing, necessary to compromise forces within a city. Norman Foster and/or Apple is more than happy to ignore those lest they clutter the object.

High quality places of permanent value are fusion. When placed together expertly, they are infinitely more powerful than any single component. The "best office park" in the world is a bit like saying the most environmentally friendly Wal-mart is in Allen, TX isn't it?

Also, towards the end of the video during the Q&A, notice the veiled threats by Jobs, "if you don't like and approve this, we'll move to Mountain View and build tent cities on Google's front lawn." Perhaps only subconsciously he knows he's full of shit.

Is this the first step in Apple's downfall, as more and more startups can happen in diverse, energetic, innovative urban areas?