Thursday, May 12, 2011

Before I Die...

Kaid Benfield from the NRDC is apparently now cross-posting on the Atlantic's site, where he's put up this pretty amazing piece of participatory public art:

Rather shocking and not at all surprising how much of this frame is about getting out of NOLA in some shape or form ("visit Africa," "live in another country," become another mythical creature..."). Certainly, the photographer framed it that way, so all we're left with is the photographer's take on things, but it does touch a chord. And that is photography in a nutshell afterall, conveying your viewpoint of something real via a, ahem, viewfinder.

Before I die, I want to play human frogger on a Dallas Freeway. Should be easy enough. All I have to do is start playing in order "to play" at all. The game could end rather abruptly.

/Do not try this at home.