Monday, March 21, 2011

The Computer as a Tool to Imagine our Wildest Dreams

Sent to me just now from blog reader, DeaconSkye, who decided to single-handedly remove all of the freeways from downtown Dallas (digitally anyway), immediately repositioning a whoooooooole lotta property into something worthy of investing in:

I've done a few similar examples where I highlight all of said properties:

As I've said many times, if we're imagining a city with twice the population in x-amount of years, think about how many lane miles we'll need to support all of those people if we continue to listen to the same traffic generation formulae that got us into this mess. Long story short, there will be no room left for people, places, houses, businesses... life.

Or we can keep pushing that Sisyphean rock up that hill expecting it to not fall back on our heads.