Friday, March 18, 2011

Changing Tides on City Council

I'm no expert on politics, but I'm pretty sure when Police and Fire come out and endorse the challenger, that is pretty big news:

In an unusual move, the Dallas Police Officers Association endorsed a challenger for City Council today, saying its members want Scott Griggs to represent North Oak Cliff and Mountain Creek.

Council member Dave Neumann has been viewed as vulnerable to Griggs' challenge.

The associations' announcement says nothing directly about Neumann, but it is a strong indication of which way the wind is blowing in Oak Cliff and that police association leaders believe Griggs can win.

"During Scott Griggs' time working and volunteering in District 3, he has shown a commitment to public safety, and the Dallas Police Association PAC agreed that he is the very best choice in the race," Glenn White, president of the Dallas Police Association, said. "He will fight to make sure crime prevention is a priority in District 3."
Scott's a friend and fellow board member on the local Congress of New Urbanism chapter, so I'm a bit biased. However, I wouldn't be so biased if our views on the city didn't align as much as they do.

If you've never paid much attention to city council districts, 3 represents West Dallas and parts of Oak Cliff and if you ask me, he's done more for the area as a volunteer than the current council person.

Election day is May 14th. Go vote and before you do so, check out Scott's website too.