Friday, February 18, 2011

WalkableDFW Happy Hour

Have you ever noticed how many bars are named after cities? Funny how the romance of the urban experience lives in our consciousness. Good thing we have so many anti-urban policies in place to extinguish those flames. It IS best to throw the baby right on out with the bathwater.

The WalkableDFW happy hour is another semi-guess the city. Again, guess the city in order to figure out this week's bar of choice.

Hint 1: this is easy

Hint 2: it's nice = patio

Hint 3: there are several throughout the metroplex so feel free to choose the one closest to your present or future location, as I'll be doing.

On to the show:

Bike blog : Amsterdam's cycle lanes are safe for family rides

**Note: If you wear an Arsenal jersey, I may just punch you in the face...ya know, to live up to the hooliganism in us all.