Thursday, February 24, 2011

March D Mag Column

Is about Urban Acres Local Organic Grocery in Oak Cliff. Check it out:
Every market serves as a distribution point where supply meets demand. What Urban Acres does is reduce the actual and perceived distance between farm and fork. Many local farms, already struggling to compete against heavily subsidized factory operations, have a difficult time finding the market and vice versa. The store brings a bit of country to the big city. On its roof, Urban Acres has a bee colony working to make honey. Inside, shelves made of reclaimed wood give the place a country feel. It’s at once nostalgic and emblematic of Oak Cliff’s progressive, by-the-bootstraps entrepreneurism.
For the unaware, Urban Acres is on Davis Street in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas, what I call the "Trastevere" of Dallas, i.e. literally 'across the river', funky, eclectic, multi-cultural, and good food! The picture above is from the second Better Block where Urban Acres was one of the focal points (in the background).