Monday, January 31, 2011

Bishop Arts in the NYT

With the million-fold increase in national attention for the rest of the week, I guess it isn't all that surprising that the NYT found Bishop Arts and the rest of Oak Cliff:

In Dallas, the Bishop Arts district is a hipster enclave with a clutch of recent shop and restaurant openings, while the new West 7th district in Fort Worth is ideally situated next to all the big museums.

Travelers who tend to put Dallas at the bottom of their Texas bucket list probably haven’t been to the Bishop Arts district, where cyclists outnumber drivers, pedestrians stroll past historic buildings and the words “local,” “artisan” and “crafted” slip their way into conversations over dinners that begin with regionally grown greens and fine wines. Since October, five restaurants and four stores have opened, each owned by chefs and merchants as passionate and proud of their Oak Cliff neighborhood as they are of their individual endeavors.