Friday, December 10, 2010

MORE! Dissent of the Day

This one in regards to my calling for a redesign of Thanksgiving Square, or at least, the non-functional edges of the park:
You are missing the point of Thanksgiving Square. It's not a park. It's a building with no roof. Like any other building, it does not have porous walls. It has articles inside and on the walls. If you want to enjoy it as a respite from the city, then enjoy. If you want a cafe for people watching, go elsewhere.
My response:

I am missing the point?! You mean the same one I outlined at the beginning of the post, that the point of Tgiving Square was to offer a place of respite in 1970s downtown Dallas?

So I didn't miss the point if I stated it explicitly.

Secondly, if it is a building without a roof, should all of our buildings have blank walls and no entries. Should our buildings not be porous, physically or visually? Should they all be bunkers and corrosive to urban environments?

It isn't about the intended point of Thanksgiving Square. It IS about taking a toxic piece of property and repurposing it so that it doesn't kill vibrancy and, in turn, the potential businesses and property values around it.

Hardly a successful urban park. We're no longer in the 1970s. Piazza Navona is no longer used to wage staged naval battles and practice nautical tactics. It is time for a repurposing.

Or, we could just accept mediocrity, not exactly the most Texan thing in the world to do.