Monday, October 11, 2010

Want To Know Who To Keep Up With?

NYC on their streets for people efforts:

Lots of great quotes worth calling out, including:
"I think that world class cities are understanding that they have to do whatever they can to improve the quality of life in their cities. So what we're trying to do is make New York the greatest, greenest big city in the world."
Ambition, NYC has it. Dallas has it too. Can we match their ability to act on that?
"Our agenda is to unclog our streets so that commerce doesn't get stifled."
Wha? But I've been told that big roads are better for bidness!
"This is really for everyone. Not just the spandexed or the brave, but for moms, dads, kids, everyone."
Something I've raised over and over again. The Dallas bike plan is about adding safe bicycle infrastructure so that everyone feels safe enough to bike, not just the Lance Armstrongs of the world.
"Bus ridership is up 30%. Bus speeds were improved 20%. And 98% of New Yorkers were very satisfied with the service."
"There was a 10-to-1 ratio of pedestrians to cars yet 90% of the road space was dedicated to cars. It was a very dysfunctional street system."
"The first thing you notice is how quiet parts of Times Square are now. You can actually have a conversation without shouting above the din of traffic."

"Businesses really loved it. The more foot traffic the better it is for business."
That about sums it up right there. There are several more great nuggets from people that really know what they're doing. Not sure anything else needs to be said or understood to fix cities than that.