Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Don't You Touch That Monopoly

Oh Noez! People want things other than big, dangerous roads. This guy finds that to be BS:
Congestion is by far the most serious issue facing our transportation system. Livability measures not only fail to address congestion, they make it worse. More congestion means that people spend more time stuck in traffic, which means a lot of wasted time and fuel. As vehicular mobility declines, so does real livability.
But my favorite part is this:
The implication is that any infrastructure project that fails to build more roads is latently unpatriotic, because “most Americans prefer to drive”:
'America Haterz! Always tryin' to make America better and safer and cleaner! Monopoly on transportation is as American as apple pie. You don't hate apple pie do you?! DO YOU?! Monopoly was a board game! Do you hate board games?! You'd probably rather kick a can down a dingy alley and pretend it is a soccer ball in some poor country that doesn't have all our freedoms and Escalades!'
Scribner is from a group called the Competitive Enterprise Institute, which hails one Michelle Malkin as an alum. If that wasn't enough of a black eye, along with American Enterprise Institute are the "think tanks" with the two highest percentages of their budgets attributable to corporate funding. Their corporate donors include Amoco, CSX (a trucking/shipping company), Ford, Exxon Mobil, GM, and Texaco. /Just do thy bidding.

As for private and foundation donors, they include such upstanding, freedom (for-me-and-not-for-you) loving citizens as the Koch brothers and the Scaife family, as in Richard Mellon Scaife. They consistently support such happy friendly industries as coal, pharmaceuticals, and tobacco, once calling "smoking a civic duty." /Too many Mad Men re-runs I suppose.

Oh, they're also among the biggest whores climate change deniers on record.