Friday, July 23, 2010

What to Post When I Have Only 5 Minutes...

First, Dallas first got snubbed by the college football hall of fame, now ESPN chooses Fort Worth for their Super Bowl week staging despite all branding of the game/week will be "Super Bowl in Dallas!"
We could have made any site in Dallas work. There was just a lot more convenience in Fort Worth -- the convenience of hotels, of having six or seven different restaurants to choose form every day. I know Dallas has all of that and more, but it all being in such a condensed area was a big deal for us.
I don't particularly blame them. Every time I am in downtown Fort Worth, the contrast in scale and feel of the streets and blocks in comparison with Dallas is rather striking (even though in Fort Worth it is for only a handful of blocks). It simply feels better, while the analytical side will say it is due to the size of the blocks, the way the buildings interface with the sidewalks and streets, the height of those buildings, etc. The only part of Downtown Dallas that really could have worked for all of their needs would be Pegasus Plaza and it is too small. They outright rejected Main Street Garden, City Hall Plaza, and the Arts District because they would feel lonely.

How does Thierry Henry celebrate his first MLS game? By riding the train to work.
"I was on the train with my friends, with all the fans. It was quite an experience. It was the quickest way to come, so that's how I came. It was cool."