Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Toxifying the World w/ the Gibberish Rantings of a Maniac

As some or none of you may be aware, next week I will be guest blogging for the Dallas Morning News, where the editorial staff was gracious enough to ask me to participate in a week's worth of blogging and dialoging on their site all about Joel Kotkin's book, The Next 100 Million (which is the DMN's Summer Book Club, uh, book).

There I will presumably and unfortunately have to leave the juvenile snark and humor I use if only to entertain myself here at home base. In favor of serious analysis of the book and the man's opinions (I choose not to leave the op-eds and speeches as something altogether separate from the book), I won't be able to discuss the statistical rabbits he pulls out of his hat (or other geographical anomaly with similar assonance if you catch my drift) without context or the entire premise that is based on pointing out stupid people's stupid futuristic predictions to make other stupid macro-predictions seem smart. Where I come from striving to be not smart isn't quite as redeemable as the real thing.

At the DMN's site, which I will of course link to at the appropriate time, I will somehow have to turn the thousands upon thousands of words worth of notes (you think I'm kidding) on the book and his work into a series of 150-350 word posts. This post turned into 250+ words and all I said was next week I'll be posting at the DMN. I'm looking forward to it.

For the rest of this and next week, I'll probably be posting snippets of my draft white paper on reforming the parking code for the 21st century city for review and comment.