Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Falling Water
No, not the modernist masterpiece set within the Pennsylvania backwoods and built for Lilliputians (seriously, FLW designed for his own height), but the considerably less famous one in Texas:

What seems like your typical cheaply constructed container of space in North Dallas is actually in Dallas's own little Olmstedian Riverside, Kessler Park.

If you can look closely, you'll see that it is constructed on stilts over the Kidd Springs outfall.

Kessler Park is one of the very unique neighborhoods in all of Dallas possessing topography and within a short bike ride of downtown Dallas. It also possesses a collection of some of the most unique collection of single family architecture in the region of virtually any style you can imagine. So one would think that the post-modern, infamous North Dallas Palace might find a rightful home here as well. But, is there a place for bad taste?