Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pic o' the Day

A "road" in Taormina via flickr feed of user Luigi FDV:

Taormina - La vita sulle scale (Stairways) by Luigi FDV.

There is the movement zone, the "furnishing zone" and the direct interaction between building form and channel of movement. To echo a favorite quote and necessary reminder from Lewis Mumford:
The purpose of transportation is to bring people and goods to places where they are needed, and to concentrate the greatest variety of goods and people within that limited area, in order to widen the possibility of choice without making it necessary to travel. A good transportation system minimizes unnecessary transportation; and in any event, it offers change of speed and mode to fit a diversity of human purposes.
If you want to understand cities better, start with one of Mumford's points here as your compass reading and march in that direction for as far as you can handle. Then begin again with each successive statement.