Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Walkable Urbanism photos and other nonsense I've dumped into a folder named "pictures":

I think this may be Legacy. I should probably know these things.

What poor framing by the photog. Street plz

What a cute puppeeeeee.

Knowing Parisians, some confused this for a sewer.


Gonzo wishes to remind you this is no time for psychodelic drugs. The post-modern cityscape is weird enough.

Part of me wants to guess Bethesda, but methinks the density and quality of materials aren't quite high enough. I'd prefer this picture if there was somebody, anybody using the space.

"They always give sh!tty basement apartments letters instead of numbers." ~ Tyler Durden'd

Do you really do much driving or is it just start and stop?

Surgery baby wants to know if you'd like novocaine with your dystopia.

Yes, plz.

You're doing it wrongz.

Oh, sweet Valenthia.

ADA lawsuit written all over this one.

-30- for profligate house building is right. I'd say home building, but for many of these structures the only ones that will make their home here are varmints ~ Carl Spackler'd