Friday, June 25, 2010


This may seem off-topic for this blog, but is it? Half the point is about getting out from behind our securely locked doors, our fear of the unknown and the other, respect for fellow man. Sometimes there are moments in sports that are bigger than the capacity of the sport or all of sports to effectively bottle up. Like when a fractured country comes together. Strangers randomly selected by fate high-five, sing, hug, cry.

Why? It was just a soccer game. Or was it?

Whatever happens tomorrow vs. Ghana and hopefully in unknown games further down the single-loss elimination playoff road will no doubt be a let down compared to what transpired Wednesday. And that is ok.

Whether the United States ever fully accepts soccer the way other countries have is besides the point. Our attention too divided amongst a never ending series of distractions.

Somehow every other soccer game from this point forward in this World Cup and maybe even all World Cups hence, has some how, some way been reduced to denouement, the slow resolution of a fuse with a given timeline. The peak experience having already been crossed.

The United States Men's National Soccer Team has as good of a chance as any team to reach the final 4 given our draw, but actually winning the world cup is probably asking a bit much. But that is what we do. We demand the best. Sometimes moments in sports are transcendent. Sometime we need to demand the best of ourselves, each other, and our cities as well.

There, on topic.