Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Photo & Tangentially Related Thought 4 the Day

Bikability is a lifestyle choice that high quality, safe urban places allow. Walkability however, is both a necessity of economic vitality and a human right. By proximity, it ensures and efficient, effective, sustainable local economy. It greases the wheels of urban vitality and the metabolic rate of innovation. By character, safety, and quality of experience, it adds to quality of life and allows anyone's individual ability/desire to participate in the local economy.

With the City of Dallas going through another grueling series of budget hearings, it is important to remember that:

Walkability is a Tax Cut.

Where this is located in the world geographically, I don't know. My first guess might be Orange County, CA and my second might be Greater Miami/Dade County, FL. On the interwebs however, it can be found at this most righteously excellent blog site of British turned Canuck economist/planner Stephen Rees.