Friday, May 28, 2010


Happy hour is at the Londoner Dallas, in the heart of the State-Thomas neighborhood in uptown. I'll arrive bespectacled in a monocle riding a unicycle. How will you get there?

If you ever come across someone from this City, expect to hit the pub and talk politics, where you'll order a guiness and they'll grab a bud heavy and proceed to discuss who they hate more than anybody you possibly could with an exquisite singularity of vision.

As they rant, your American conscious awareness drifts from the topic at hand to beverage of choice where you are struck by the irony, apparently indicative of their strong desire to americanize.

However, like any good copycat, they sought to mimic only what we did best:
  • gutting core of their City for cars by way of parking garages;
  • mindless if not potentially fraudulent commercial lending;
  • and a rampant building spree marked by outward and upward growth completely independent of any demand.
Despite those on-goings, the City hasn't changed enough to where you wouldn't recognize it. But, don't bother to ask how they're doing or they might ask you for some change. Where, we will then reach into our pockets, find that the bottom has been cut out, and steal their change jar before sprinting down the street, around the bend, and out of sight.

We're selling the view. Just look at it.

Of course, that view is supplied by buildings shockingly disconnected from the scale of the rest of the City. While a certain measure of real estate development is dependent upon a "visionary" intuition, it also needs to be tempered by some restraint occasionally. Or just reality. That works as well.