Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If anything will appeal to Texan sensibilities it is this. Or just irony.

Since the Addison Circle polling has received some love and attention from FrontBurner, let's give it something to square off against.

Since CNU just wrapped in the ATL, I once lived there, AND I even worked on tiny irrelevant bits of both projects, we are going to put it up against Atlantic Station, in Atlanta, GA. The similarities don't end there.

Both projects are of a similar size in terms of land area. Both are in urban infill locations although Atlantic Station is much closer to its downtown. Both projects are highway and railroad adjacent, but one key difference was also that they were built at different times. Atlantic Station is about five years younger and fueled moreso by credit bubble than was Addison. That and its closer location allowed for a bit higher density and a mega-parking garage constructed below grade.

As a younger project, it also has that new car smell of a place not yet lived in. I'll let you determine the rest of the differences and judge for yourselves. Compare w/ Addison here.

Round 1: DING:

Which recent "new urbanist" project do you like better?
Atlantic Station - Atlanta, GA
Addison Circle - Addison, TX
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Atlantic Station,Atlanta GA.
File:Atlantic station 3.jpg
Atlantic Station 07

Atlantic Station; Atlanta, GA