Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Not I-30 or the Inner Loop

In a tweet responding to Wick Allison's article at D suggesting I-30 be removed, Mike Davis at Dallas Progress tweeted that 175 makes more sense. After taking a look at it, wowee zowee that is a useless highway rampaging all the way into downtown. If we are not ready for the commitment of pulling one of the major roads out from within 635/outer loop, I would agree that this is a potential opportunity for removing a freeway and leveraging the reclaimed land for new investment. On the other hand, if we really are ready to go for the gold, 175 is a little too close to 45 to leverage significant redevelopment.


For a while now, I've been eyeing the MLK connection between Fair Park and Trinity River. Brent Brown at City Design Studio said they are eyeing the same stretch of road. It has a pretty good building stock throughout the length of it, a decent scale, and as we mentioned connects two of the biggest attractions in the City.

The issue is that there is no positive inertia yet in that area to trigger enough private investment to create substantive, qualitative improvement. Simply converting the existing MLK to a complete street, wouldn't be enough in my opinion. However, removing 175 and packaging the land where 175 crosses MLK into a developer RFQ for mixed-use development, booya.

Perhaps, I should draw up a plan with that scenario in mind...