Friday, April 30, 2010

Announcement: May 21st

Actually, I think of it more as a solution. Thank you very much.

If you haven't been to our friends at FortWorthology, head over there some time. If you haven't been to Fort Worth, have we got something in store for you.

As many of you may know, on most Fridays, we organize a local happy hour preferrably in local, walkable neighborhoods throughout Dallas. It is also often orchestrated with a free beer from me to the first person who guesses the City shown in various imagery and hints of the City's history, origins, demographics, morphology, yadda yadda.

Well, on May 21st, we will be having a dual happy hour with the good people of FortWorthology, set in where else but in the siamese sister city of Fort Worth! Omigod that's so far away. How is that walkable? Glad you asked. We will be taking the TRE out there.

Next question: Why so far away? Well, that answer is two-fold. First, Kevin of FortWorthology has the crazy idea that he wants to train around the country for three weeks to see the land and visit the great cities sprung from its soil. Second, we want some time for people to plan, since it isn't exactly about walking from the office to the corner pub.

Kevin also has some ideas for location and we will be working out further details including potential cross-site competition for the Free Beer Guess the City. Perhaps two cities, two potential beers??? Yum. I just might have to guess in his site's competition.