Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday Mid-week Quote to Get You Through the Rest of the Week

On Leadership, taken from Genius of the Beast by the uber-mind Howard Bloom (and citing a Dallas homeboy!):
We humans don't take kindly to insanities. Wild ideas scare us, they fill us with anxiety and doubt. They make us fear we're losing it, straying grotesquely from the beaten path, losing touch with the hard and fast, and losing our normalcy. Committing yourself to a crazy notion can set your body churning with a frenzy of self-destructive hormones - glucocorticoids.

To have an idea it'll take thirty years to complete, to stick with it, to preach it with such fervor that you make others see it too, to recruit a team, to teach them, to organize them, to evangelize them, to reaffirm the goal in their emotions and in their reason day after seemingly useless day and year after year seemingly useless year, to carry on with nothing to show for the sweat and pain - that is what corporate development architect Woody Buckner calls "leadership beyond reason, leading from the future," beckoning from a vision so vividly that you can make others taste a paradise they've never seen.