Friday, March 26, 2010

Smell of Fresh Air

The infamous 'they' say that smell is the sense most closely wired with memory. Why should you believe 'they'? Because I said so. See how that works?

Like many past walks through downtown Dallas, I encountered a number of new and occasionally pleasant and occasionally wretched odors along the way. All of which reminded me that I need to resurrect a fun old post from the early days of this very blog: Olfactory Mapping!

The intent of this is to correlate geo-location with the consistency of presence of certain smells. Previously recorded and still existent:

1 - Hot Trash - seasonal.
2 - Dog Urine - should now be expanded from the patch of grass by DP&L Lofts to the entire closed street pedestrian plaza.
3 - Bacon and Syrup - mmmm, breakfast.
4 - Garlic - mmmm, lunch and dinner.

New to the map:

5 - Gravy. Yes, the parking lot smelled like gravy. I think the prevailing winds were carrying whatever Hall's Chicken on Commerce was cookin' up.

6 - Bad Fish. Didn't walk past it this morning, but given that the smell is there every other day, I'll just run with it. I dare somebody to sit under the exhaust vent on Akard Street of Dallas Fish Market for 1 hour 5 minutes. There is a crisp $5 bill in it for you.

7 - Human Feces. In the City of Bruges, Belgium nooks and crannies can be useful places to stage an execution if that happens to be your chosen career path. In the panopticon like setting of dense city form, they are offer some of the few places to hide. In Dallas, they become places of defecation. Find a nook or cranny in downtown, you'll find a snickers bar. I recommend against including this in your next scavenger hunt.

Who has some more to include?