Monday, March 1, 2010

The Love of Cities

Sometimes we get lost in data, metrics, and details; in math. The problem is that certain driving emotions such as love are completely irrational and totally unquantifiable. One could argue that statistics and studies go in one ear and out of the other to an audience, whereas a potent narrative can change worlds. In order to resurrect a city, we have to remember to love it. To overlook its flaws, yet forever want to fix them. To love its unique idiosyncrasies and be proud of something tangible. Without love of "city" and of a city, we can't improve it.

Sometimes I forget why I do what I do. That is, until I watch something like this that reminds me just how fascinating cities can be. The kind of ordered complexity that has intrigued me since the time I could barely hold a pencil, yet taught myself to draw in perspective in order to sketch fantastical cityscapes. Novelty can sometimes only be seen when you are seeing something for the first time. And sometimes it takes a new way of seeing something to recapture novelty.

In what almost appears to be stop-motion animation of a miniaturized city, it is actually very real video footage. I, for one, was captivated. Much of what it shows when taken at its surface is very un-beautiful, but seeing the functional bones of a city at work, is the kind of beauty to fall in love with.

The Sandpit from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo.