Monday, February 1, 2010

Link of the Day, Nay Year

I have never seen a single article completely surround the personality? conscience? of a city the way this Walrus mag article does with Vancouver.

You know it's a worthwhile article when it has a Dallas AND a The Corporation mention. This line deserves special mention, no context needed:
The trouble with clich├ęs, of course, is that they heighten reality while bleeding it of subtlety.
Smarter words have never been said, at least not today. Heed them:
“The world-class thing reminds me of Toronto in the ’80s,” says Anthony Perl, the silver-haired head of urban studies at Simon Fraser University. A New Yorker, he came to Vancouver four years ago by way of Harvard and the University of Toronto. “When people start saying that, alarms should go off in city planning and governance minds.
You don't build a sundae with a bowl full of cherries. Ya gotta build the foundation with some solid scoops of boring ol' vanilla ice cream (wait which city are you talking about...err are you talking about cities in metaphor??). Suggesting a hollowness to its "world-class" ambitions:
Besides a full roster of major-league franchises, Vancouver lacks more basic indicators of civic heft and maturity. Until last summer, when the Canada Line opened, there was no direct public transit route from downtown to the airport. YVR serves up to arriving visitors a brief parody of Northwest Coast culture — Bill Reid sculptures, fake waterfalls, canned bird noises — before depositing them in the midst of unending construction. Pacific Central Station, too, is a tacky interface between this supposedly world-class city and the world.
You can read the rest at their site.

I'll see if I can find time to put together a Google Earth visit post to Vancouver with the Olympics upcoming. I love me some early morning/late night curling.