Friday, February 26, 2010

Free Beer Friday Guess the City

...where we pretend that we're professional curlers on the shuffleboard table at the Elbow Room.

Same rules apply as last week, perhaps I won't stump the masses this time.

If you are a piece of land and you happen to have a deep water port, coal reserves, and killer surf, chances are that you will find a human settlement nearby as soon as humans figure out steam power, combustion, and some rockin' board wax bro'.

You might not be too familiar with this city, but as mentioned above, it has been one of the industrial and shipping hearts of its particular country. Like many similar cities state-side, economies moving away from such enterprises has not made for a smooth transition. However, like many places, once it hits a rock bottom, the local citizenry eventually finds a way to reorganize and begin structure building again. And, by this, I don't mean physical structures so much, as a more diversified economy.

[edit: apparently had a wrong pic in here.]

Below, I love the sign of feet walking. Combined with a sight of nobody walking behind, I suppose reinforces the need to warn drivers that the unexpected just might occur. Ghasp, somebody could cross the street.

Centralized planning has led to some growth and development of transitioning industrial waterfront lands...

...but the historic downtown still languished on the somewhat isolated point on which it sat, until a few creative individuals ideas took off via internet-fed organization.

...not exactly all the way back yet.

...but it is rarely a bad sign when people with cameras show up to capture what you have.

Oh, look. A Kookaburra.

"Sweet hair bra."

"Chill, bro. It's my new faux-hawk. The chicks dig it."

Here are some chill broheims about to catch some waves.


Even some of the suburban centers have begun the process of consolidation and densification...